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Enriching School Science for the Gifted Learner   
Published by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, London, 2007.

Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme
Institute of Education University of London Room 202 11 Woburn Square London WC1H 0AL

Copyright: © 2007 Gatsby Technical Education Projects

The materials in this pack may be reproduced for teaching purposes in schools and colleges provided that the copyright of the Science Enhancement Programme is acknowledged.

ISBN: 978-1-901351-68-2

  Author: Keith S. Taber, University of Cambridge
Researcher: Fran Riga
Editorial Consultant:: John K. Gilbert
Project Manager for SEP: Sally Johnson
Editor: Robin McCron
Designers: Pluma Design Ltd.
CD –ROM development and online: KDR Creative

All images were provided by the author except where noted in the text.

For full of acknowledgements please see the guidebook.

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The Science Enhancement Programme (SEP) is part of Gatsby Technical Education Projects. It undertakes a range of activities concerned with the development of curriculum resources and with teacher education. For further information, visit

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